Blue Oyster (Pleurotus columbinus)- These grow in clusters like most typical oyster mushrooms do but with one major difference, they are bluish in color. However, temperature plays a role in how they look. When fruited from really cold conditions, these mushrooms are a deep blue. As the temperature rises the color starts to shift from blue to gray to whitish. The flavor never changes though, these remain exceptionally delicious. I personally describe these as meaty, earthy and juicy. These mushrooms are great for absorbing flavor and adding an elegant texture. These mushrooms fruit in temperatures ranging from 55 – 70 degrees. This allows us to offer these from Mid Fall to Mid Spring.
Golden Oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus)-
These beautiful yellow groupings of mushrooms are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but are also a delicious addition to almost any meal. When eaten raw, these mushrooms can be described as tart or bitter. Once these mushrooms are cooked the flavor completely changes. They gain a nutty and slightly earthy flavor that complements most dishes. These mushrooms typically fruit in temperatures ranging from 70 – 85 degrees, so we try to offer these from Mid Spring to Mid Fall.
Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)-
Here at That Mushroom Guy LLC, we offer two types of shiitake mushrooms. Although the culture strain is the same, we grow these in two separate ways. The first way involves introducing shiitake mycelium to supplemented sawdust. This allows us to grow these year-round and allows the mushroom to be in optimal fruiting conditions producing an aesthetically pleasing look. The second method involves introducing the mycelium to its natural home, an oak tree or log. This method takes longer to obtain fruits but the medicinal and nutritional benefits double. Shiitake mushrooms are known to contain a compound known as Lentinacin. Independent studies have shown this compound to lower cholesterol and provide other benefits to the human heart. Our log grown shiitakes are fruited naturally so this is a first come first serve basis. You can expect these to fruit a couple times in the spring and fall. No matter which way it is grown, this mushroom is one of the best tasting mushrooms you can ever experience.
Piopinni or Black Poplar (Cyclocybe aegerita) –
These mushrooms are another unique specimen offered by That Mushroom Guy LLC. Typically growing in smaller clusters, piopinni’s can be harvested at various stages of its growth. We normally like to harvest these before they drop spores to preserve flavor and prolong the shelf life. When they are fresh, these mushrooms have a very distinct and pungent smell almost resembling an aging cheese. The flavor is very similar to the smell, except milder. They also have hints of earthy/mushroomy tastes with a meaty texture. These mushrooms fruit in temperatures around 50-65 degrees so these are available early fall to late spring.
Lions Mane (Hericum Erinaceus) -
This is one of the most unique mushrooms offered by That Mushroom Guy LLC. This mushroom almost resembles a piece of white coral. Don’t the small spiky or teeth like structures scare you away, this mushroom is soft with a marshmallow type texture on the inside. Many compare the taste of this mushroom with crab or lobster. Personally, I would say this is a bit of a stretch but I can see where they are coming from. This has a very mushroomy with a slight fish-like flavor that is enhanced greatly with butter. Many people seek this mushroom for the supposal medicinal benefits. Independent studies have shown this mushroom to improve brain function in some individuals. Since this mushroom typically fruits from the temperature range of 60-75 degrees this mushroom can be offered in the spring and fall.
King Trumpet (Pleurotus eryngii) –
Although these mushrooms share the same family as the oysters, they are one of the most unique oysters offered. These can be found at most Asian markets and are very popular in Asian dining. These mushrooms can grow to around a pound per single mushroom!! Because the stem is just as soft as the cap this allows the user to prepare them in many ways. The inside has a marshmallow like texture followed by a mild and nutty taste. King Trumpets do an excellent job at absorbing flavor, giving chefs the opportunity to use these in almost any meal. These mushrooms typically fruit at around 50-65 degrees. This allows us to offer these from early fall to late spring